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Vegan Cookbook Reviews

Vegan Cookbook Reviews is dedicated to presenting the very best collection of vegan cooking books.  The site examines vegan cookbooks and presents only the most popular and highly reviewed cookbooks for the vegan lifestyle.

What is Vegan Cooking?

vegancookbookreviewhome Vegan Cookbook ReviewsVegans abstain from the use of animal products, particularly in our diet. However, the Vegan philosophy wholeheartedly rejects the use of animal products in all other commodities as well. This can create certain challenges when preparing delicious vegan meals for our families.

Dietary Vegans

A dietary vegan is a strict vegetarian who does not eat animal products such as meat, fish, dairy products, eggs and often honey. In most cases dietary vegans also abstain from consuming other animal derived products as well. Vegans are often looking for more interesting ways to prepare meals that taste great while adhering to the strict dietary requirements that veganism calls for. The desire to have more options for vegan meals led us to create this website.

Vegan Cookbook Reviews

That’s why we created the Vegan Cookbook Reviews website.  Our site presents the very best recipe books for the vegan lifestyle. The Vegan Cookbook Reviews website allows you to read descriptions of the best vegan cookbooks on the market today.  We also have reviews of these books, video reviews, ratings and other information to help you decide which may be best for you.

Sample Video Review – The Happy Herbivore Cookbook


We will be adding many more video reviews of vegan cookbooks in the near future. Please check back often as our site is constantly updated with new items and reviews!

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